JiuJitsu_Black_BeltI’ve done some interesting things throughout my travels and my visit to New York offered no exception. I’d been traveling for 32 months by the time I’d visited New York and I’d been doing a bit of site seeing while I was in New York’s Central Park.

Click here for the New York Post article regarding the event.

It was a nice evening in the park, and I felt the place was amazing, hidden within the concrete jungle. I’d just been sitting about thinking how nice New York was when I heard ‘Help!… help!… help!…’ being yelled by a young girl in the park.

Anyway, I got the crook and returned the belonging to the girl and her friend. She was from Germany off the top of my head. I’ve now started a travel blog to share some of my knowledge and hands on experience I’ve gained throughout my travel. I’ve returned to South America from New York and I’m now in Brazil doing what I love – writing and fighting in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.

Gaston Cavalleri