bedbug-bitesBuenos Aires hostels are known places for bedbugs. Unfortunately, it usually doesn’t become evident until your feet become a little itchy in the night. Even then it can take time to notice that the bites you have are in fact a result of bedbugs. Hygiene is import to control bedbugs, obviously. Internet reviews are important to monitor hygiene while selecting a hostel in Buenos Aires. I’m not going to recommend a hostel which doesn’t have bedbugs as I’m not writing this blog to promote hostels. Although, if the hostel I stayed in, which felt was very clean, is requested I’ll be happy to share this information. This article is to raise the issue with you before you’re getting bitten and your bag’s infected with the little critters. Check the hygiene remarks along side reviews while hunting for a hostel in Buenos Aires. The buildings are old and bedbugs, along with loving fabric type places, love setting up shot in the aged wood in these old buildings.