Screen shot 2013-03-25 at 12.35.01 AMYour iPhone offers a fantastic way to travel with minimal weight while still carrying a huge library full of eBooks. I’ve provided the free reading application to install on your iPhone here. It’ll allow you to save the environment while also prevent you from spending excess money on the more expensive paperback version. Electronic books are generally cheaper than their paperback edition due to less production costs.

This kindle device offers a much cheaper way to learn Spanish, Portuguese or whatever language you’ve selected while travelling the world. You may just wish to read in your native language, too.

The visual experience – word size and format – while reading with the device is pleasant. The fact you’ve got your phone in most locations – therefore a library full of eBooks –  is a positive while trying to crack a new language or research an eBook regarding your travel path. Electronic books are the future of story telling and you may have been oblivious to owning your potential kindle (eBook) reader. So, now you know.