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A new rule has struck town for Americans, Australians and Canadians wishing to visit Argentina. It’s not new that citizens of those countries pay a fare, but the latest modification is they need to pay this (Australians: $100; Americans: $160; Canadians: $75) fare electronically before they arrive in Argentina. It’s a pain in the backside given the site you visit is given in rather complex Spanish before you finally track down where you pay your money. I strongly recommend visiting the site mentioned below and paying before you arrive. Some airlines will not let you board your plane in your origin if you don’t provide proof of payment. This proof is given upon completion of your payment.

I’ve provided a step-by-step guide to performing the payment on the mentioned site (Step One) since not everybody has Spanish handy.

Step One

Go to:

Step Two

Click on:

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Step Three

Click on:

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Step Four

Create usable log in, then log in.

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Step Five

Fill form out like so using appropriate nationality

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Step Six

Enter credit card details.

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Step Seven

You’ll receive the following receipt via email.

You will need this to pass immigration in

Argentina and also in order to board your plane at your origin.

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Now that you’ve got this far I hope you’ve had your Latin fever shots for Argentina. It’s an amazing place which for some is very difficult to leave.


Gaston Cavalleri