Sending dollars to Argentina

So, today I sent dollars to Argentina from my US bank account; it was honestly a piece of cake. The positive with accessing pesos this way is you get a decent exchange rate. I believe the current peso to dollar is 5.7 pesos to the dollar if you go through an Argentinean bank. Today, with, I received 8.46 pesos to the dollar. This is basically the ‘blue dollar’ rate.

How it works and please note, I’m not promoting their site, I just want to help you guys live cheaper:

You need an American bank account. You go to xoom’s website. Their you can do a transfer from your American bank account using a credit card, debit card, your account number or with an electronic check. Once I’d done the internet transfer, less than hour later I was called on my Argentinean phone number saying to go and pick the cash up. Basically you go to a pick up location, there’s a few in Buenos Aires (in the country’s other larger cities too but check on their site), take your passport, your transaction number and you’ll get paid in pesos, although at the blue dollar rate. It was smooth-sailing for me so give it a crack. If you have any concerns please feel free to ask. I looked into a bit before going ahead with it. It’s the obvious way to get your cash while you’re in Argentina. Stuff getting shafting with the bank’s stingy rate.