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The inquiry

“Hi Gaston

… I am flying into Santiago Chile (16 June) and want to head to Port Alegre in time for the Aus v Netherlands game (18 June). I think the best option may be to fly, or fly part of the way. Then planning to head to Curitiba to watch the Aus v Spain game (22 June).

Also would like to visit the Iguazu Falls at some point, do you think it will be more efficient to travel from Iguazu from Port Alegre or Curitiba?

Then from Curitiba head up to Sao Paulo and then Rio.
Many thanks,”

Anonymous lady from Australia planning her Soccer World Cup in Brazil.

Gaston’s Answer

Thank you for your inquiry. I’ve decided to answer your questions like this to help others in a similar boat to you. I understand you need to see Iguazu, I’m just concerned about the short time you have between arriving in Chile and the first game, just 48 hours later in Porto Alegre. So, I thought I’d outline a couple of things first.

Iguazu Falls is not a case of just pulling over and checking out a water fall. Basically it’s in a national park and on the Argentinean side it’s a good four hour walk to the different levels of the falls. It would be a shame to rush this. It really is something special. I would to arrive in Chile, get over the jet-lag, then get straight to Porto Alegre. South American cities can be hectic at times and you might like to save your energy for Porto Alegre. Once you’re in Porto Alegre I believe you have ample time to use Brazil’s bus system (see the timetable I’ve provided. It’s for the 17th of June but it’d be similar for other days nearby) You’re lucky you have two games, in two cities, which are not too far away from each other. I’d look at the journey from Porto Alegre to Curitiba like a journey from Sydney to Byron Bay, although the roads are shabbier in Brazil.

From Curitiba you could get a domestic flight from there to Foz do Iguacu (the Brazilian side of the falls). You could also get a bus but you’d be opening up an even longer trip back up to Sao Paulo.

The planes will be pricey where ever you fly in Brazil during these times. I’ve provided a timetable for the buses leaving Porto Alegre to Curitiba June 17. I think that’s your most time crucial leg since you’ve got to make the games.

Re: Curitba to Sao Paulo, this is about a nine hour bus ride from memory. Then Sao Paulo to Rio de Janeiro is usually six or seven hours. I’d suggest buying bus tickets at the bus terminals when you arrive at each destination.

Regarding the picture I’ve attached “Hora Saida” means “the hour you leave” and “Chegada prevista” is the time they imagine you arrive at the destination. “Preco” is the price in Reales so just divide by 2.3 to get you back to Aussie dollars.

I’m happy to help with more stuff like this if you need help. That goes for others too.


Gaston Cavalleri

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