A quality travel narrative from Buenos Aires to Iguazu Falls.

Gaston Cavalleri

Iguazu Falls Travel Writing / Travel Literature Iguazu Falls Travel Writing / Travel Literature

Before I left Buenos Aires, I met two Australian gentlemen who’d lost their bank cards: ‘We’re in a bit of strife,’ they said, ‘We’re wondering if we can wire money to your account?’

Sounds all right to me.

Then one said, ‘When it clears, you pull it out of the ATM.’

They were nice enough to offer money for bank fees . . . They got their cash, so I got a pat on the back.

You often meet travellers in ‘strife’. They’ve either been robbed, pick-pocketed, lost stuff through customs, or had bank cards replicated by ATM sensors or camera recordings of security PINs. Of course, some simply run out of money. Then there’s the ATM walk-off, without your bank card – that’s what happened to me.

I was being extra careful. I watched my back for crooks, I read the Spanish ATM and…

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