Free travel writing course notes for week one.

Gaston Cavalleri

Quality “travel writing” is rare since newspapers generally publish convenient information, with little concern for creativeness, when it comes to travel. It’s a common misconception that the information provided by newspapers falls under the genre of travel writing—this misconception is terribly wrong as most of the published writing is written to promote hotels, flights and tours for average tourists who don’t have time for mess-ups during their holiday.

Well-rounded travel writing, which I will call travel literature from time to time throughout this course, recreates a journey using writing techniques similar to those of fiction writing. You can think of things such as introducing characters, dialogue, developing scenes, presenting humor, destination insight, history and more. Travel writers attempt to creative three-dimensional stories, which is a different approach to providing basic travel information concerning tourism.

Even though travel writing employs occasional writing techniques from fiction writing the story must be nonfiction…

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