Free travel writing course notes – week three – Gender and travel writing.

Gaston Cavalleri

IMG_1131The topic for the week is not to identify the differences between genders to point the finger and say “I’m a better than her,” or “she’s a better writer than him,” but to open minds up to the fact that people travel for different reasons and under different circumstances.

Gender differences in travel writing have been seen throughout history and Jane Robinson’s bibliography of travel writing, Wayward Women, traces women’s travel writing back to the 16th century. Although, this is an excellent reading for this week, as I understand that my travel writing course is a free one, I’ve decided to include an alternate reading for this week as it’s available over the internet and doesn’t require a dime. Exploring their Boundaries: Gender and Citizenship in Women’s Travel Writing, 1880–1914 by Laura Godsoe. Click the link for the reading to find an interesting discussion regarding gender and travel…

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