South America Basics: Travel Writing & Travel Guide

Travel Writing & Travel Literature from Argentina, Colombia and Brazil.

Meet the author

Gaston Cavalleri is an Australian, born January 18, 1980. He graduated in 2005 with a Bachelor of Science degree and is currently finishing a Master of Arts (Writing & literature).

You can expect twisted fiction, creative non-fiction and travel writing from this author. Most of Gaston’s writing has a bit of black-humour which is often unpredictable – unless you’re with a crystal ball.

Gaston’s travel writing, or narratives if you like, are often with a South American flavor; he’s lived in South America for near five-years and likes to recreate the highs and lows of his journeys. He also writes screenplays.

In a nutshell: This writer was a government funded kid who’s gone on to see the world. He’s happy as Larry and his religious views are as follows: “Do bad; receive bad,” added with, “do good, receive good,” then a little bit of “the choice is yours”.

Click here for a New York Post article about Gaston using his jiu-jitsu to restrain a purse-snatcher in New York’s Central Park.

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