Florianopolis is an Island in the South of Brazil. It’s located about 9 hours by bus from Sao Paulo and is in the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina. Florianopolis has its own airport located around 15 minutes from the city’s centre or about 20 dollars in a taxi. Depending on your original location there will be various changeovers and possibly stopovers during your trip to Florianopolis from the United States.

Two airlines running flights between Miami and Sao Paulo are TAM and Avianca. Sao Paulo is home to two airports: one local and an international. It’s important to confirm which airport you require when selecting flights in and out of the city. Sao Paulo also has many things to see and do but the city can be a bit daunting if an intermediate level of Portuguese has not been acquired. Please note that Sao Paulo is a crazy city with a large population density similar to that of New York. If it is your first time in the city, and you’re not on a tight budget, a night or two in the city could be valid, too. It can be very difficult at times to find cheap accommodation in Sao Paul and hotel accommodation starts at 70 dollars per night in a comfortable area. Jardins is an FLORIPA Imageupper-class neighbourhood in Sao Paulo with very expensive Hotels. Villa Madalena is another trendy area which is possibly more comfortable and slightly more affordable than Jardins. Sao Paulo has many other things to do, but I’m trying to get you straight to paradise –

Florianopolis – an immediate connecting flight out of Sao Paulo is a convenient option for travel to Florianopolis and has a similar cost to a bus trip. You can expect to get a flight for 90 dollars with Gol airlines.

Once in Florianopolis there are many things to see and do. Unfortunately the island is not so convenient for those without transport. There are many beaches to the north, east and south of the island and without a car these can be difficult to see. Rental transport will cost around 40 dollars per day or if you stick to the buses you’re looking at a 1.50 dollars per trip. The city has a relatively efficient bus system, although, most lines only connect residents from their homes to the city centre and beach to beach can be difficult. Although, achievable with various bus changes.

Short stays on the island are common for tourists brushing through Florianopolis. Many of them are on their way through from Buenos Aires on their way to Rio or the other way round. The beaches in Florianopolis are some of the most golden in South America or around the world, too. Brazil has a reputation for amazing surf and this can be seen on this island with local Brazilians and their laidback style of living and surfboards strapped to their bicycles. Florianopolis will provide a natural holiday full of amazing photos, fresh faces, food and people. It’s without a doubt a paradise and a place you will not want to leave.

Just some basic information for your travel to South America. I hope this helps your travel run smoothly.

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