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Argentina has many attractions to tickle the taste buds of the most savvy tourist. Buenos Aires is a major city belonging to Argentina in South America. There are many touches of Europe to be seen in the city and it’s been called the Paris of South America by its visitors.

Buenos Aires has many things to see and can cater for most daytime or nighttime needs. Generally travelers visit Buenos Aires for a short time. However, the city is rather large and time is required to explore it.

I’ve refined the city to assist travelers. If the classier parts of town are your thing you will find Palermo, Las Cañitas, Puerta Madera and Recoleta will cater for your needs. For a little more Argentinian tradition and some tango try La Boca.

Palermo is an area of Buenos Aires known for its restaurants, cafes and there you’ll find excellent wines, food and fashionable clothing. You’ll find the cobblestone streets a treat. Palermo is a large neighborhood and can be divided into: Palermo Soho, Palermo Hollywood, Palermo Alto, Palermo Chico and Palermo Viejo. When you live in Palermo, for some of the locals, it’s like saying you have a brand of shoes or top-line clothing label. As a result every time I return to Buenos Aires the neighborhood seems to grow thanks to the local real estate agents trying to raise the rents in neighboring suburbs. If your time in Buenos Aires is limited, Palermo Soho and Palermo Hollywood will be very nice if you’re after restaurants and shopping.

Although, Palermo is one of the city’s most attractive neighborhoods there are other areas that need to be considered. Las Cañitas and Puerta Madera are possibly the city’s most exclusive neighborhoods and can give a quality of living similar to that of any upper class city in the world. This is also the case with Recoleta, but this area is can lack security at times and is not always as pleasant due to its proximity to the Buenos Aires’ city center.

Buenos Aires has areas that are allocated for the day, in my opinion, others which should be allocated for the night. Like any major city in South America or around the globe there are negatives. Although, in the areas I’ve prescribed, they are relatively safe during the day, although alertness is a must. This shouldn’t allow for too much concerned, though, it just means keep you wits about you and stay out of the dark graffiti infected alleys during the early hours of the morning.

La Boca is an area that should only be visited by day, too, for your average traveler. There you will find very Argentinian tango shows and a nice little restaurant to go with it; just don’t cross the area’s train tracks and you’ll be fine.

As taxis are cheap in Buenos Aires the commute between all areas can be achieved with little cost.

Although, there is a favorable exchange rate for most countries outside of South America visiting Buenos Aires, there has been considerable inflation experienced in Argentina in recent years. According to some sources the rate has been as high as around 18% per year for the past four years. The country has had a history of economic problems and it’s a very local thing to hear somebody say ‘Argentina’s economy is about to go again,’ referring to the 2001 economic turmoil that took place and led citizens to the street in protest.

During 2009 a standard bed in a Palermo hostel had a cost of 38 Argentinian peso, or nine dollars; by 2013 the price of a bed in Palermo was 90 pesos, or 16 dollars. Now with a favorable exchange rate, 5.0 pesos to the dollar, this may appear relatively cheap, but this is a shared dorm with around four other beds, and due to the historical nature of Buenos Aires, bedbugs can run riot in the some of the cities hostels. So, be sure to research your accommodation options before you travel to Buenos Aires. I’ve done my best to mention accommodation which I consider to be free from these issues. I’ve stayed in all places I mention and undercover, too – they had no idea I was the writing this up, so there were no attached perks.

Although I’ve pointed out some negatives there are many positives that far out way the negatives and if you do your research on this city you may enjoy yourself so much you will never leave.