florianopolis boat imageGetting to the South America from New York is a piece of cake. New York has numerous airports which will provide easy access to most parts of the work. From New York travel to Brazil direct flights are available to Sao Paulo. Extending flights for travel anywhere in South America are easily accessible from there. Sao Paulo is the New York of South America, although, much crazier. There are easy options for flights or bus rides out of Sao Paulo and onto other locations.

Florianopolis is a further few hours flight from Sao Paulo. The cold in New York this time of the year may warrant a flight to a paradise in the south of Brazil that’s not too far away. This can be achieved with round trip airfares near 1,100 dollars. Florianopolis is a very safe island if staying in the right areas. Lagoa da conceicao is an area in the centre of Florianopolis located on a lagoon. The area is very calm and has easy access to some of the most beautiful beaches in South America. There are also many parties available in Lagoa da conceicao and areas not too far from this barrier. Accommodation in Lagoa is easily accessible with hostel options or pousadas. Pousadas are basically a Brazilian beach style cheap hotel. You can get a pousada in Lagoa for around 60 dollars per night, which will sleep two to three people comfortably. Alternatively you may wish to sleep in a private dorm bed in one of the hostels on the island. There are many and a simple search of hostelwolrd or hihostels will point you in the direction of hostel accredited with each of the organization. Accreditation requires hygiene examination so the hostels with ratings with both organizations are normally not too bad. You can expect to pay around 16 dollar per night for a shared dorm.

In a nutshell: from New York to Florianopolis it’s around twelve-hours total travel time with a cost of near 1,100 dollars for your round trip airfare.

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