Visa to BrazilSo, you’re in Buenos Aires, you’ve decided you want to travel to Brazil, but you need a tourist visa to enter? There are ways around most things in Brazil and I’ll attempt to assist with your travel in South America here:

If you’re in Buenos Aires you need to jump onto the Brazilian consulate’s site ( to make your appointment to organize your Brazil tourist visa. This can often have a wait of a week or two. You can get lucky and sort an appointment earlier than this, though. It depends on the time of the year. So, check the site. The process is simple once you have you documents together. Ensure you have: proof of entrance and exit (ticket); two passport photos; a credit card and; proof of sufficient funds (around 45 dollars spending per day that you plan to stay). If you have all of these items the process is simple  for organizing you tourist visa and you’ll have your Brazilian visa returned within 48 hours.

If you don’t have luck with getting an early appointment in Buenos Aires you may elect to visit Montevideo, Uruguay. This is a straightforward process to organize your visa provided you’ve got all your documents – proof of entrance and exit (ticket); two passport photos; a credit card; proof of funds sufficient funds (around 45 dollars spending per day you plan to stay) – the visa should be organized within 48 hours after submission. Montevideo is not too difficult to access from Buenos Aires given the efficient ferry service available between Argentina and Uruguay – run by boquebus. The idea of going to Montevideo for the process is to eliminate the potential wait for you appointment you may have discovered in Buenos Aires.

Another option to organize your Brazilian tourist visa is in Iguazu Falls at the northern point of Argentina on the border of Brazil.  The process in Iguazu is quick. You will have to make sure you get your documents into the office in Iguazu early to ensure there’s an efficient turnaround. I believe the office opens at 8:o0am. If you get your documents in close to this time you should receive your Brazilian tourist visa back the next day at 11:30am.

Once inside Brazil you can extend you Brazilian tourist visa by visiting a Federal Police building once your 90 days is coming to an end. There you can extend for a further 90 days. This process is simple, although, only allowed once in a 12 months period.

A few other things to help your Brazilian tourist visa application run smoothly:

  • Ensure you’ve completed your Brazilian tourist visa request application. You can do this here: If you haven’t done this before you arrive you’ll be turned away.
  • Ensure you have the correct passport photos. This means you’ll need the background to be white and you head not to far away (as you head will be small) from the camera. Also done smile in it – not teeth aloud – or have a fringe covering you face.
  • In Puerto Iguazu they seem to have a habit (as of late 2013) of checking Brazilian tourist visa applicants have a flight returning to their country; even if they’ve got one out of Brazil.

There could be a few other things. It really depend if the dude doing your visa has gotten out of bed in a bad mood on that day.

If you’ve got any questions regarding the process please feel free to ask.


Gaston Cavalleri

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