Sao Paul imageSao Paulo is one of the craziest cities on this planet and one which is often underrated for travel. It attracts many walks of life such as goofy gringos, businessmen, pick-pockets, murders, playboys, models, street-kids, you name it. The city has exclusive parts of town and those parts for the poorer residents, too. It’s a city of many extremes. You can experience exclusive restaurants or shopping in one street and in the next you’re reminded of extreme poverty. Sao Paulo has a sadder side which can be seen in its favelas. Although, some of the best shopping centres and labels in the world can be found in Sao Paulo also. The city is home to 11 million people, however, in the city’s metropolitan there’s 20 million people. Sao Paulo is the New York of South America. Although, this New York has a high saturation of favelas and no mess-about crooks on top of this.

Sao Paulo is not a cheapest city to visit. In fact, it’s the most expensive city in South America. Accommodation is not always convenient and hotel rooms in the city can start at around 100 dollars for the night in a safe area. There are cheaper areas to stay in, although, you won’t get to experience the city too well. If you’re a typical looking foreigner robberies are very common –  you may be a target.

Sao Paulo has excellent nightlife options, although, they can be very pricy. Some of the top clubs are known to charge 50 dollars upon entrance and you’ll have to cover your drinks on top of this.

The city is not the most convenient to visit without a car, as it’s spread out, and taxis are not so cheap. There is an efficient bus system and metro system in the city. The metro system is convenient to get you around stops in the city.

Sao Paulo has direct flights to and from many major cities in the world such as New York or Miami. Many expats have moved to Sao Paulo and now call it home.

Bela Vista, Jardins and Vila Madalena are three areas well worth a visit during your stay in Sao Paulo. The first two areas are exclusive. Vila Madalena has hip and happening characters and a younger population. All three areas offer great bars, restaurants and nightlife. There are many other areas worth visiting in Sao Paulo – it’s hard to cover them all. It would take years to conquer city of this size. It’s the biggest city in South America and difficult to wrap up in one post.

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