fuerte_de_samaipata_bolivia__3_Samaipata is a city 120 kilometers to the southeast of the city Santa Cruz de la Sierra. The city sits 1,500 meters above sea level and has subtropical temperatures owing to its location near the equator. Samaipata has a booming tourist industry due to many attractions. It is also the first leg of a very popular tourist attraction, the Ché Guevara tour, and people often pass through the city and are tempted to stay. The city is not only popular with foreign tourists, but attracts Bolivian tourism and is especially popular with the wealthy residents of La Paz.

Around the city, you can find many attractions, such as waterfalls, rapids and lagoons, and an extinct volcano, Laguna Volcan, although this is around 42 kilometers from the city. Laguna Volcan also has a lagoon which provides excellent photographic opportunities and is well worth the trip. The city is located at the foot of the Andes and is home to many different species of birds and wildlife to give a tropical touch to your visit. Parque Nacional Amboró is another attraction to see during your stay in Samaipata. The park is a nature reserve in the Andes that is home to wildlife such as the puma and the rare Spectacled Bear, also known as the Andean bear. You can see signs of Incan history throughout the park and tour guides are provided to make the trek educational.

Las Cuevas is another population center with several pools and beaches where the locals swim and take in the sun. Here you will also find waterfalls. You can expect to pay a small charge to experience the area, although it shouldn’t break the bank.

The neighboring town of Vallegrande is where Ché Guevara was buried. He was captured and killed, and then presented in a local morgue as an exhibit to the world. The city has various museums and sites to see, all related to Ché Guevara. You can also visit the place where he was originally buried, the laundry where he once washed his clothes and various locations where he spent time. There are tours that can be organized from Samaipata to Vallegrande, since the town is just a stone’s throw away. The tours are a good way to pick up information and are reasonably priced.

Visiting Incan ruins in Samaipata is an interesting activity, and there are many different sites throughout the city. The site of El Fuerte is the largest carved stone monument in the world and sits at a height of nearly 2,000 meters above sea level. A good way to spend a day is by combining El Fuerte with a museum visit. This will provide a good base for Incan education that you can use throughout Bolivia.

The city has plenty of fancy accommodation and restaurants to suit most requirements. You will also find more basic accommodation to suit those on a budget. A nice inclusion to your travel in South America.