Good news to all my criminal readers who’d like to skip town – I’ve recently discovered to obtain many visas for many countries, usually other than a tourist visa, a criminal record check may be required. This is not the case for all countries, though, but for those which do, I’ve tried to assist those travelers who have crossed this issue. In the ‘Disclosure of Criminal records in Overseas jurisdictions’ you will find specific levels of disclosure for your country.

In Australia a National Police certificate is required. This has three categories of disclosure:

·                    Standard Disclosure: spent convictions are excluded if older than 10 years

·                   Partial Disclosure: spent convictions are excluded if older than 25 years;

·                   Complete Disclosure: all offenses are reported.

Please check your country’s jurisdiction at the following link for specifics:

The level of disclosure will depend on the type of criminal record check being requested. Once you know the type of criminal record check the level of disclosure can be researched. Usually the check required is determined by the position you’re going for.

In the event you’re going for a student visa a ‘standard’ or ‘partial disclosure’ may be required. For positions requiring a higher level of trust a ‘complete disclosure’ may be required. Check your jurisdiction for more specifics.



Stay out of trouble, too, by the way.