FlorianopolisThe most beautiful cities in South America will depend on the person’s travel needs. You’ve got cities for city people and you’ve got cities for country people. I can give you my view, although, I was born in the country and moved to a larger city while I was still reasonably young. Personally, I like cities with action, or densely packed cities if you like.

Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Rio De Janeiro, Florianopolis are the cities, in South America, that packed the most punch for me. You’ve got Medellin up in Colombia, too, although it depends how you’re structuring you trip; it’s not always accessible, or not as easy and cost friendly to access from down in the Southern cities I’ve mentioned. I believe a ticket from Sao Paulo or Buenos Aires to Medellin will run you between 600 and 800 dollars. Medellin is nice, the women are nice, but the men can be a little xenophobic if you’re not sharing a common interest with them. I mean a common interest such as business or sport. It’s difficult to have male friends in the city. I’m not gay, I just mean sometimes it’s nice to meet locals, too.

Sao Paulo one’s got the best parties in the world. Forget Ibiza… Too predictable there: pop a pill, party with pretenders, get mangled for days, then leave the place feeling 10kg lighter than you went in. Sao Paulo on the other hand provides a super natural high that’ll probably have you leaving the city with an extra 45 kg – Pretty little girl.  The city’s not easy to crack, though, since things are spread out and often considered a little dangerous for the average gringo. Sao Paulo’s got culture, restaurants, cafés and plenty of versatility. There’s no beach, but you’ve got them an hour and half travel by bus. Sao Paulo’s beaches are to the south of the city. For many gringos who learn the ways of South America they love Sao Paulo in the end.

Buenos Aires shares similar qualities to Sao Paulo but not as crazy. It’s crazy, don’t get me wrong, but the areas for gringos are a little more obvious and you won’t be a shy to explore the city if you’re still fresh to travel in South America.

Cordoba: I’ve never been to a city where the number of women out-weighed the number of men like the situation was while I was there. On top of this, the city, at least in the gringo areas, feels very safe. Locals have told me this is not the case if you venture off into some areas but the feeling I had was pleasant. Cordoba is not as crazy, not density wise, as the other cities mentioned are but it has a beautiful city centre, much calmer too if that’s your thing. Yet, the parties are still in Cordoba.

Florianopolis is my city of choice for the summer. There’s parties, beautiful girls and beaches. Florianopolis is not as density packed as the other cities; maybe like Cordoba, but Florianopolis has beaches like a paradise to add to this. It’s a beach style lifestyle with restaurants cafes and nightlife.

Specific questions can be sent to me or posted below if you need more information. I’ve got more experience with these cities than most people I know so I’m more than happy to share my thoughts.


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