Toxic spill at UFSCI’ll start by saying I love Brazil and that that’s the only reason I’m writing this. Although, here we have another issue which is a classic example of no money invested into the country’s hygiene and safety.

So, the Olympics and world cup are due in Brazil – that’s fantastic – but these issues regarding safety put lives at risk and don’t consider the smaller people of the country.

I’m Australian and lucky enough to speak both Portuguese and English so I’ve stumbled across this article in Santa Catarina’s local rag regarding an issue to the South of Brazil. Have a read, using translator, if you’re interested in how much the English world is kept in the dark about the Olympics and the World Cup. Yeh, I’d say the stadiums will be nice for the events and the grass will be green.

Sorry if I offend anybody linked to Brazil. It’s not my purpose to offend, I understand I don’t know half of the issues that go on, but the people of my country often ask if I’m going to the world cup and I say: “I’ll be in Brazil. I might go. I’m not going to Brazil for the world cup, though. I’m going because I love the place. I may not even go to the world cup.”