Soccer World Cup Brazil Hodting Cities
Soccer World Cup Brazil Hosting Cities

When I first arrived in Brazil I assumed the country, being one country, would be easy to navigate – not the case. Roads aren’t always like the first world here in Brazil. This affects the Soccer World Cup 2014 in Brazil as the country’s got twelve different hosting cities – can be days of travel apart.

So, how do you get around the country to visit different games? Well, I’d say you’ll be coping a free hit to the chin when you’re faced with the hefty airfares. It won’t be possible to travel between certain cities during the World Cup.

Porto Algre is a city to the south of Brazil hosting. A city to the north of the country is Manaus. There’s three days of straight travel, at least, if you travel between two cities by land.

Two airlines operating in Brazil are “Gol” and “LAN”. If you’re going to buy tickets to fly between cities you may need to get on the job asap; the prices will be absurd if you don’t. You should plan your Soccer World Cup 2014 in Brazil now to save. It’s not possible to plan the entire cup too far in advance as you won’t know your team’s results or who they’re matched up with during the soccer world cup 2014 – it’ll be pending their success.

I’m interested in getting a discussion going here to help people with planning their Soccer World Cup 2014 in Brazil.

Please feel free to start any discussion or ask any questions; chances are your questions are also the questions of others. I’m an Australian travel writer but I’ve lived in Brazil for near five-years.

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