Bolivia imageSanta Cruz de la Sierra is located to the east of Bolivia and is the largest city in the country. It is often referred to just as Santa Cruz. The locals are known as cruceños and can be very hospitable. Although Santa Cruz is the largest city in Bolivia, it has a small-town feel. The city is very prominent in the South America and has experienced extensive economic growth over the last 15 years.

Santa Cruz offers food and culture to tickle the taste buds of most travelers. You will find restaurants, museums, and outstanding young art centers, which are emerging fast in the city.

During your travel to Santa Cruz, take a moment to try two of the local drinks and see what makes the cruceños tick. The drinks are: Somó, which is a cold, white corn-based drink, and Chicha, a sweet beverage made from white corn mixed with cinnamon. You might find it relaxing to sit around sampling your drinks in Plaza 24 de Septiembre, where you can do a little people-watching while you’re at it, too. This area is good for cafés and sitting with the pigeons, and provides a decent place to catch your breath and take in the city.

You will discover technology and many things to do in Santa Cruz. Although you can shop in Santa Cruz and find anything you need, there are cheaper parts of Bolivia to buy your souvenirs. You can find handcrafted gifts near the main church at a low cost. Another good place to grab a coffee or a drink is Avenida Monseñor Rivero, which is a popular boulevard with a great buzz.

The city also has many options for nightlife. A lot of activity happens on Equipetrol, and this is where you can expect to see the city’s affluent youth enjoying the nightlife on offer. Nightlife includes discos and nightclubs, and it’s sure to provide interesting opportunities for you to test the waters of Santa Cruz. If you’re hoping to have a big night and party hard until the sun comes up, you might think of starting the night out with some warm-up drinks on Avenida Busch.

There are many places to rest your head in the city, with accommodation available to suit most travel budgets. The basic options to consider will cater for most budgets. You can find a clean room at a very travel-friendly price and accommodation is also available for those who need to rejuvenate and spend a little more for extra quality.

Santa Cruz de la Sierra is a city with many things to do and is well worth the visit during you travel to South America. You will find most things you require in the city and it’s not a bad place to pass through.

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