Cafe de la MusiqueThe nightlife in Florianopolis is second to none. The issue travellers have when visiting the island is they know little of where to go. On top of this they normally have minimally Portuguese to do efficient research. The island is not so straightforward and can be a little inconvenient at times, too. It’s one of those places you need a car to explore. Although, taxis are not over the top expensive if you’re travelling in pairs.

There are many parties to the north of the island, the city’s centre, Lagoa da conceicao, the occasional party in the south of the island’s Riozinho. In the north the parties are straightforward. They’re in high-end nightclubs such as P12, Pacha, Café de la Musique and more. In Lagoa da conceicao you will find parties in the nightclub ‘Confraria.’ While in Riozonho there is the occasional party at Riozonho’s ‘ponte.’ Be sure to check in advance when parties are playing at the different locations. If you rock up on a night while nothing is playing you’ll be left thinking like many tourists who come to Florianopolis, with minimal Portuguese to investigate the issue, thinking: what’s all the hype about? The hype is definitely in Florianopolis – you just need to know where it is.

Another issue to point out is often locals visit the continent – get off the island – for parties, too. There are massive parties on the continent to the north – around 90 kilometres from Florianopolis. The city with those parties is known as Balneario Camboriu. Another great addition to your travel plans in South America. There you will find hardcore Warung Beach Club and Green Valley for the diehard party fans.

If you leave Florianopolis wondering what the hype’s about, it’s simple, you didn’t learn your Portuguese well enough to get to the bottom of the nightlife scene. I hope I’ve set you up a little for your travel in South America.

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