Flori photoAlthough carnival is over, for many, the month following the event in Florianopolis is just as good as the carnival. The sun still shines throughout March and up until April on the island. There are still many parties and beach goers, too. The visitors who are not from Florianopolis during this time are usually from neighbouring cities – people visiting for the weekend – or who’ve migrated to the island.

During carnival in Florianopolis it can often be a pussy Olympics. Every man and his dog is here and all competing to get girls. The time after carnival is much more relaxed and the pretty girls are still here, minus every man and his dog on heat.

They days – while the sun is out – are better in my opinion after carnival. It’s during this time there are more girls on the island than men. The daytime events on the island, such as the beach or a trip to a local gym are just as good as hitting up a nightclub. Of course it’s a different thing, but what I’m saying is, the days are pretty good, too. If you require a party you’ll still have access to the best parties in the world at least once or twice per week.

Florianopolis is a must for any travel plans to South America.