Yungas CoroicoThe Yungas is a rainy, humid and warm part of South America that runs along the east of the Andes mountains and includes parts of Peru, Bolivia and northern Argentina. The Yungas offer high levels of biodiversity, which alter with its changing longitude and latitude. You can expect evergreen forests with wildlife, and an adventure that allows you to soak up nature with many different climates depending on your exact Yungan location.

The Yungas can be divided into three regions in total: the Peruvian region, the Bolivian region and the Southern Andean region. The Bolivian Yunga region falls to the south of Bolivia and is separated from the Peruvian region by the Inambari River. The areas on each side of the river have different ecological qualities, which divide the two regions of the Yungas. A nice place to visit at the end of the windy Death Road from La Paz is Coroico. Coroico is a part of the Yungas around 95 kilometers from La Paz. It’s the sort of place where you can just chill and keep your wallet in your pocket while getting back to nature.

You might be interested in seeing the legal coca fields and checking off Death Road, which is famous for taking the lives of many of its visitors. Rafting and fishing are a couple of natural things to do, or you could try your luck at a bit of amateur gold mining. Tropical temperatures can be expected in Coroico and it may be slightly warmer than La Paz upon arrival. However, temperatures can vary in different regions of the Yungas, depending on your height above sea level.

Death Road has become an increasing popular tourist destination in South America in recent years as a result of the road’s dangerousness. The road referred to is the Yunga Road and is not recommended for those taking anti-anxiety medication. An estimate of over 200 travelers die every year as a result of accidents along this road. The road ascends to a height of 4,650 meters on leaving La Paz, then descends to 1,200 meters not too long after, which drastically affects the climate, turning it from cool to rainforest conditions. The road is popular for cycling enthusiasts as there are long downhill stretches for thrill seekers. Along the road, 600 meter drop-offs with no side rails are common. Guided bike tours are a popular attraction in the area, and are recommended for those with adequate fitness levels and reaction times.

There is a good range of accommodation in Coroico, but it’s important to do your research, as there are some traveler traps that may disappoint. Comfortable, clean-rooms, with amazing private balconies and backdrops, can be obtained for reasonable prices. You will find places to stay with swimming pools, jacuzzis and other add-ons to complement the excellent scenery. Coroico is a great place to throw your bag down, sit back, and relax during your travel.