Rio - imagesExtending your tourist visa in Brazil is a piece of cake for most English speaking countries. Once you already have your initial 90 days tourist visa, upon completion of this, an extension of 90 days cans be granted.

Unfortunately you can only extend your visa once per year. After you’ve run your 180 days, or you 90 visa with its 90 day extension, the system in Brazil requires you leave the country for six months before you can return again. So, you can’t cross a border to Uruguay and return the next day. You’re able to stay in Brazil for a maximum of 180 day per twelve months, provided you abide by the rules with extending your first tourist visa upon completion.

In the event where you do not extend your visa, but you stay in the country over your allowed initial 90 days, you’ll get a fee of eight reals per day for those days you’ve over stayed. This applies until a maximum of 800 reals has been accrued. Once 800 reals has been accrued you will not be charged extra for the days you stay. You’ll have the option to pay this on your way out of Brazil or when you chose to enter the next time.

In order to extend and keep things legal you’ll need to visit a Federal Police department. These can be found at international airports and in cities throughout Brazil.

For the visa extension you’ll need:

  • Your passport
  • Your proof of funds – around 45 dollars per day for the duration you plan to stay
  • A credit card
  • Your proof of exiting Brazil – return ticket out
  • During your visit to the Federal Police building you’ll be given a form to complete. Once you complete this you’ll have to get to a Banco do Brazil (Bank of Brazil) to pay the extension fee – around 50 dollars. Excuse me if I’m out 10 dollars. I did mine the other day in Florianopolis and the price was near this.

The above necessities are not always required. If the federal police officer can see you’re organized, with a plastic folder full of the stuff, they’ll rarely ask for the documents. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to extend your visa if you turn up with all the requirements. Also don’t say anything silly when they ask why you need to extend your visa. ‘You love traveling and want to explore Brazil and its culture’ will cover you. They might ask you ‘what you do for work back in your country?’ Have an answer ready and keep in mind this will be on record for every other time you enter the country.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to shoot them my way.


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